Kao the Kangaroo, Horizon Chase Turbo, and Against All Odds Are Free on Epic Games Store

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Kao the Kangaroo, Horizon Chase Turbo, and Against All Odds are free to claim from the Epic Games Store until Thursday, May 11 at 11:00 a.m. ET. In Kao the Kangaroo, players play as a kangaroo who wears pants and punches things with boxing gloves, while Horizon Chase Turbo may interest those who are looking for a racer inspired by Cruis’n USA and similar arcade classics. Against All Odds, on the other hand, is a multiplayer game where players try to outcompete others on tracks with spiked balls and other dangers. Those who play Against All Odds this week will get access to four pieces of content instantly, including a lava cape and ski pants. The Sims 4: The Daring Lifestyle Bundle is listed as the Epic Games Store’s next freebie.

Kao the Kangaroo

Kao the Kangaroo is a beautiful 3D platformer jam-packed with fun, exploration, adventure, and mystery! Join Kao, the feisty furball, as he embarks on an unforgettable quest to uncover the secrets surrounding the disappearance of his father. He’ll traverse rich environments, filled with hazards, puzzles, and foes. Each turn uncovers another clue as well as revealing a secret world bubbling under the surface.

Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by the great hits of the 80’s and 90’s: Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES), Rush, among others. Each curve and each lap in Horizon Chase Turbo recreates classic arcade gameplay and offers you unbound speed limits of fun. Full throttle on and enjoy!

Against All Odds

Welcome to Slaughter League, the next global sports phenomenon. Pit yourself against seven others in a variety of intense multiplayer battles where the other competitors are not your only concern. Avoid incinerating flamethrowers, electrifying tesla coils, and of course, those good old-fashioned mutilating buzzsaws using a blend of decisive parkour platforming, all the while being hilariously narrated by our announcers.

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