SG10 Fanless Gaming Case from Streacom Is Capable of Dissipating 600 Watts

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Image: Streacom

Streacom, a Netherlands-based computer products company, has announced that it’ll be showcasing some of its latest products at this year’s Computex show, and one of them will be the SG10, a fanless gaming case. According to the company, this is the world’s most powerful fanless case ever made, with the capability of dissipating 600 watts without fans. The case was developed in collaboration with Calyos, a company that describes itself as a leading expert in advanced heat pipe technologies.

From a Streacom post:

This year there is a strong emphasis on cooperation as 3 of the products on show have been developed together with specialists in their respective fields.

To start with we have CALYOS (the advanced thermal solution company that specialise in LHP technology), who will be hosting the booth with us as we present and demo the long-awaited fanless gaming case, the SG10. This case will be the most powerful fanless case capable of dissipating 600W without the use of any fans.

Next we have an SFF case developed with NCASE (makers of the M1 case) that features incredible versatility and performance for such a compact form factor. For this cooperation we have utiliesed manufacturing processes not found in cases to achieve and excellent price vs quality balance.

Last but by no means least we have an accessory created with SASA KARANOVIC (a hardware/software consultant), that is a modern take on a retro display device. Analogue dials all based on the principle of the Galvanometer haven’t changed much since its development in 1802, but this product is here to bring the elegance of a moving dial into the digital hyperconnected era.

We will also be showing a new SFX PSU with some very unique features that not only make it perfect for SFF builds but also makes it compatible with both ATX and 12VO standards. More information on this and all the other products will be released in the build up to Computex so please consider following us on twitter and instagram to get more updates and the latest info.

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