Beetlejuice 2 with Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Jenna Ortega Gets 2024 Release Date

Image: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has announced that Beetlejuice 2 will be released in cinemas on September 6, 2024. Nobody seems to know anything about the film’s plot yet, but the talent involved, which includes director Tim Burton and actor Michael Keaton, who have returned to direct and star as the title “bio-exorcist,” respectively, suggests that it could be a worthy follow-up to the original classic, which debuted over 35 years ago in 1988. Other returning favorites include Winona Ryder, who will be reprising her role as Lydia Deetz, while Jenna Ortea, who plays Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s Wednesday series, will play Deetz’s daughter. Danny Elfman is also returning to score Beetlejuice 2.

“It’s perfect, you know? Everybody else has to play the next generation, except for Michael. I mean, he’s still like really fit and really active and really on it. And with the Beetlejuice makeup, I can’t even imagine it’s going to look like he’s changed practically at all. So, I can’t wait for that,” Elfman said in a recent episode of Deadline’s The Process.

From a Variety report:

Warner Bros. has announced that “Beetlejuice 2” will be released on the big screen on Sept. 6, 2024. It opens on the same day as Marvel’s “Blade,” a comic book adventure starring Mahershala Ali. Otherwise, there’s not much currently set on the release calendar in the surrounding weeks. Warner Bros. has fielded hits over Labor Day weekend of years past with “It” and the sequel “It: Chapter 2,” as well as “The Nun.”

A critical and commercial hit, “Beetlejuice” grossed $74.7 million and inspired a Tony-nominated stage musical. After a four-year run, which was interrupted by the pandemic, the show closed on Broadway in January.

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