God of War Creator Teases New Bloodborne Game: “It’s Happening…It’s a Real Thing”

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A new Bloodborne game is in development, according to David Jaffe, the guy behind some of PlayStation’s most celebrated franchises, including Twisted Metal and the original God of War. “I love that game, man. I don’t know if it’s a remaster, I don’t know if it’s just a PC version, but we know it’s in development,” Jaffe told his fans on YouTube earlier today, and while he warned that he didn’t “f*cking know” when it was coming, he later took to Twitter in a new video that stresses how he was told that “it’s happening” and is “a real thing” from what sounds like a very credible reporter. Jaffe goes on to explain how he’s glad he got out of game development, pointing out how complicated the market is these days.

From a David Jaffe transcript:

Hey, fellas, real quick. Oh, this Bloodborne thing. Look, he’s. I’m seeing people want to. It drives me batshit. I don’t have insider knowledge. I don’t put any value on. I know something you don’t. All I said was, and it’s not like I’m breaking some big story. Everybody’s been talking about the Bloodborne thing, the remaster remake, whatever for a long time.

And all I said was, I know a reporter. She told me that she’s like it. I never said it was going to be at the show, even if there is a show this summer, which I think there is, but I don’t fucking know. But that was never what I said. All I said was she said then, hey, no, it’s happening.

It’s a real thing and we should be seeing a reveal sooner than later. That was it. That was it. I don’t fucking know. I don’t fucking know. I loved Bloodborne. One of my favorite games. I rarely finish games. I finish that one. I hope there’s a remake. That’d be awesome. I don’t fucking know. My God, you people, we have you give me.

No, just annoying because I don’t. I don’t. I don’t leak shit. Right. If, if, if I knew in this way I knew Insomniac was working on Wolverine. I say anything you. No, I didn’t say anything. It’s not my job to do that. That’s disrespectful to the teams. Bloodborne people have been talking about this for years and all I’m saying is yeah, I heard a journalist say very reputable who’s never been wrong when she tells me stuff.

They yeah, they’re, they are actually doing it. I asked for some details. She’s like, I don’t know if it’s a remake or a remaster. I don’t know if Blue Point is doing Metal Gear or if they’re doing this or, you know, that’s it. Simmer down. God damn people coming at me. Like when I inside sources it. Jaffe’s lying.

Wow. Shut off you fucking moron. Jesus Christ, I got this. One guy is like, I’m so bad. Gavin’s fallen for making God of war. Oh, I wish everybody who makes comments like that. And some people do, By the way, some people make video games and they love it. That’s awesome. But it’s like some people just can’t fathom. You guys think that job is the best job in the world is so hard.

I did it for 20 years. It’s so hard. It takes such toll and towards the and it wasn’t fun you try and you don’t your game $1,000,000,000 game with marketing is is the latest figure I heard one of the most expensive games not like GTA beat like an average game cost half a million to make half million. The market you think is fun to write her over that all the fucking cooks in the kitchen from sales and marketing and then the pure politics of the team to begin with.

Holy shit. And then you got like the programmer cares more about the graphics than the gameplay and then marketing those graphics sell. So you’ve got to deal with the political bullshit of marketing in the lead program. We’re going to lunch together and talking and then you’re like, I, now I’ve got to fucking bring both these guys. I mean, you can have it, you can fucking have it, man.

I’m much happier sitting here with my YouTube videos in my stream where nobody can tell me what to do and not have to worry about. Can I tweet this? Let me run it up through 40 fucking chains of command. Go do that if you want to do that. But please do not paint this as Jaffe wishes. He was still making games.

I’m good, my friend. You try the job. Especially in today’s climate. And if you love it, great. You’re a special breed. But no, thank you. Not for me. I’ll be playing the remake Remaster Bloodborne that I know is coming May 25th. Digital by.

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