Metro: Last Light Complete Edition Will be Free on Steam from May 18–25 as Part of Its 10th-Anniversary Celebration

Image: 4A Games

In celebration of its 10th-anniversary the Metro: Last Light Complete Edition will be free on Steam for one week beginning later today. The very first game in the franchise, Metro 2033, launched in 2010 and received critical acclaim for its story which was based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s 2002 book of the same name, its gameplay, and visuals. Metro: Last Light followed in 2013 and continued the story while maintaining the high standards set by the first game.

Both games, at the time, were part of a generation of games that could take full advantage of PC gaming hardware features such as SLI, dedicated GPU PhysX processing, 3-D, and other advanced DirectX 11 features which would bring the most powerful GPUs to their knees for nearly a decade after their release while providing impressive graphics. In 2014 the “Redux” versions came out which added further bug fixes and improvements while making various other alterations to both. These were received with mixed reviews due to the changing of various NPC, and other, character models. According to the announcement, the free Metro: Last Light Complete Edition will be the original version and will go live at 7 pm CET, 6 PM BST, and 10 AM PST on Steam.

Leaving the tunnels behind

Image: 4A Games

In 2019 the franchise would take a new turn with Metro: Exodus as survivors left the Metro tunnels behind in hopes of finding a new home on the surface. It too received many positive reviews while continuing to push PC hardware to its limits and was one of the first games to utilize ray tracing and NVIDIA’s DLSS upscaling solution. Although at first DLSS iteration had a bumpy, or more accurately blurry, start, the game would eventually be updated with its Enhanced Edition in 2021. Fans of the franchise received promising news a few months back that a sequel, which had been announced in 2020 to be in development, had reached a fully playable state. It’s quite possible that 4A is planning a new announcement for it sometime soon.

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