Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Netflix as Chief Action Officer

Image: Netflix

Netflix has announced that it has appointed Arnold Schwarzenegger as its Chief Action Officer, a new position that seemingly puts the 75-year-old Terminator star and former California governor in charge of promoting the streamer’s latest action movies and TV shows. “I’m working around the clock to bring you the biggest action on Earth,” Schwarzenegger says in a new 2-minute video about his new position, and while it probably won’t convince anyone that this isn’t simply a delayed April Fools’ joke, it does show the actor arriving at Netflix HQ in a tank, crushing a car parked in front like a pancake. FUBAR, Schwarzenegger’s new action-comedy spy series, will premiere on Netflix May 25.

From a Netflix post:

Nobody knows action like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Arnold as our new Chief Action Officer!

So whether you want to catch Schwarzenegger’s first-ever television role in FUBAR, Chris Hemsworth’s highly anticipated return in Extraction 2, a new season of The Witcher with Henry Cavill or Gal Gadot as an intrepid heroine in Heart of Stone, Arnold is working around the clock to bring you the most explosive series and films on earth! 

Get ready for a hard-hitting roller coaster ride as Netflix cranks its action slate into the next gear.

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