Prime 1 Studio Launches Pre-Orders for The Last of Us Part II Ellie “The Theater” Statue

Image: Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio has announced that its Ellie “The Theater” statue is now available for pre-order through its official website. Part of a limited collection of 750 units and priced at $1,149, the highly detailed 1/4 scale statue was inspired by a key scene from The Last of Part II, where Ellie faces off against Abby in the Pinnacle Theater. The Abby “The Confrontation” statue, which completes the set, is also available for pre-order for $1,099, although there is low stock remaining at the time of this writing. Both of these statues measure nearly 23 inches high and weigh around 45 pounds.

Prime 1 Studio Ellie “The Theater” Statue Specifications

  • The Last of Us Part II
  • The Theater Chapter-themed base
  • Two (2) Head parts (Normal and Angry)
  • Powered Utility Lamp with LED illumination
  • One (1) Bonus Swappable pair of arms holding a Revolver [BONUS PART]

From a Prime 1 Studio listing:

Prime 1 Studio’s artists are extremely proud to present this stunning 23-inch-tall statue! They have done their best to make this statue unbelievably lifelike by studying every aspect of the game’s assets. They did an absolutely stunning job bringing out the best interpretation of this steely, determined protagonist. The fine details of her hair…the pained expression on her face…the intricate design of the tattoo on her forearm…the backpack with the Firefly brooches, the hints of stern expression on her face trickled with sweat. All are painted to simulate real skin and real-world materials. A second swappable headpiece will allow you to display an alternative angry expression. Ellie stands atop an arched pedestal, stepping on a yellow electrical wire that powers the LED-powered Utility Lamp that shines on her to create an extremely moody atmosphere.

Limited to 750pcs, the Bonus Version comes with an additional set of swappable arms that allow you to expand the storytelling of the game, and display Ellie holding a revolver, an iconic and trustworthy weapon that’s used throughout the series!

Image: Prime 1 Studio

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