T-FORCE DARK AirFlow Cooler Gen5 M.2 PCIe SSD Series, with Read/Write Speeds Up to 12,000/11,000 MB/S, among TEAMGROUP Products to Be Shown at Computex 2023


TEAMGROUP has announced that it will be showing off its incredibly fast T-FORCE DARK AirFlow Cooler Gen5 SSD series at Computex 2023. The T-FORCE DARK AirFlow is one of several different product lines that will be on display in Taipei as the company has a range of memory, cooling, and flash drives to offer as well. TEAMGROUP will begin unveiling these today through June 2 at its “DAZZLE.CHILL.INTEGRATE” themed booth.

“Leading memory brand, TEAMGROUP, returns to COMPUTEX 2023 with the theme “DAZZLE.CHILL.INTEGRATE” to introduce six new products in the memory, cooling solution, and storage device categories. They will be unveiled for the first time at COMPUTEX (5/30-6/2), showcasing TEAMGROUP’s latest cooling solutions and “aurora” RGB lighting tech as the highlights of the grand exhibition.”

As the memory manufacturer will be showcasing six new products at the event PC enthusiasts will no doubt be interested in its DDR5 and Gen5 SSD offerings. The T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB DDR5 features frequencies ranging from 7,000 MHz~8,266 MHz, a tasteful RGB strip, and an extensive design for cooling, appearance, and performance. The T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 removes RGB, has identical frequency ranges, and is aesthetically designed with an almost Formula 1 racing motif. Next, the T-FORCE DARK AirFlow Cooler Series / Gen5 M.2 PCIe SSD feature blistering fast read/write speeds up to 12,000MB/s and 11,000MB/s, respectively. There are two types of active cooling solutions.

Press Release (via TEAMGROUP)


Dazzling Aurora & Extreme Performance

T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB DDR5 Gaming Overclocking Memory is equipped with innovative dual light pipes which utilize black translucent acrylic and multi-optical designs to display a soft aurora-like flow of light. The matte heat spreader of the XTREEM ARGB DDR5 is made of high-quality 2mm black aluminum alloy, which has undergone aluminum extrusion, CNC processing, sandblasting, and black anodizing, creating a unique material that combines the hardness and durability of basalt and the soft texture of black beach sand. It comes in a variety of frequencies starting from 7,000MHz~8,266MHz and is specially designed for gamers after an extreme performance and dazzling RGB lighting.



Ultimate Overclocking & Invincible Cooling

T-FORCE LAB is committed to pushing the boundaries of DDR5 frequency and setting new records with XTREEM memory series, much loved by overclockers worldwide. The new T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 Overclocking Memory comes in frequencies starting from 7,000MHz~8,266MHz, offering the highest speeds in the entire T-FORCE DDR5 series. For maximum overclocking potential, XTREEM DDR5 uses a high-quality 2mm thick aluminum alloy heat spreader and a highly thermally conductive silicone gel to provide a superb cooling effect. The two-piece heat spreader has a slanted fin-type design and is treated with sandblasting and black anodizing, giving it a low-key matte texture reminiscent of black beach sand. On top, the glorious T-FORCE logo adds a majestic and elegant flair to the overall appearance.


T-FORCE SIREN GA360 ARGB CPU All-In-One Liquid Cooler

Brilliant Lighting & Rapid Cooling

T-FORCE SIREN GA360 ARGB CPU All-In-One Liquid Cooler was developed in collaboration between T-FORCE and ASETEK Designworks. It features the latest 7th generation ASETEK V2 pump, next-gen high-efficiency motors, and smart control PWM technology, allowing for precise real-time adjustment of water block motor and fan speeds based on CPU temperatures, producing optimal cooling efficiency with minimal power consumption. The top-notch cooling performance makes it perfect for the new generation Intel and AMD multi-core CPUs.

The liquid cooler uses an “aurora” ARGB water block and fan and supports multiple lighting control programs, providing gamers with a gorgeous aurora-like display. In the spirit of eco-friendliness, SIREN GA360’s entire manufacturing process is RoHS-compliant, and its packaging is made of recyclable materials, allowing the GA360 to deliver incredible gaming prowess while supporting a greener environment. In addition to presenting the GA360, TEAMGROUP will be introducing the industry’s first all-in-one SSD liquid cooler at COMPUTEX, specially designed for Gen5 PCIe SSD with a Taiwan Invention Patent. Please join us at the unveiling.


T-FORCE DARK AirFlow Cooler Series / Gen5 M.2 PCIe SSD

Flagship Speed and Extreme Performance

The T-FORCE DARK AirFlow Cooler Series / Gen5 M.2 PCIe SSD is expected to reach a maximum sequential read and write speed of over 12,000MB/s and 11,000MB/s, respectively, making it the fastest flagship PCIe Gen5 SSD from T-FORCE. T-FORCE DARK AirFlow Cooler is equipped with an exclusively-designed aluminum fin heatsink with multiple layers and heat pipes passing through, which significantly increases its thermally conductive area. Combined with an active fan cooling device and multi-faceted cooling design helps Gen5 M.2 PCIe SSD eliminate heat sources and maintain optimal operating temperatures when running at full speed. T-FORCE Gen5 M.2 PCIe SSD also supports S.M.A.R.T., a patented smart monitoring software that allows users to fully grasp the status info of the SSD at a glance and perform quick and easy checks and adjustments.

TEAMGROUP C231 USB3.2 Gen 2 Flash Drive

A Type-C Design for Convenient Access

TEAMGROUP C231USB Flash Drive features the USB3.2 Gen 2 high-speed interface, a maximum read and write speeds of up to 1000MB/s, and a large capacity of up to 2TB, making it easy to transfer 4K UHD video, access high-definition images, or backup large amounts of files. C231 uses a Type-C connector, which is supported on a variety of devices and allows for easy insertion due to its symmetrical shape. Its convenient push-and-slide mechanism also eliminates the need for cap storage, making data transferring even simpler. C231’s sleek matte black metal exterior adds a stylish touch to users’ daily device collection, while the hole design allows users to attach it to key rings, backpacks, or other accessories for easy carrying and storage on the go.


TEAMGROUP C175 ECO USB3.2 Gen1 Flash Drive

Reduced Carbon Emissions for a Greener World

TEAMGROUP C175 ECO USB3.2 Gen1 Flash Drive is made from 75% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic, reducing carbon emissions by up to 69%. For perspective, that’s nearly the emissions of 203,000 sheets of A4 paper eliminated for every 100,000 C175 ECO. Besides giving a new life to recycled plastic, C175 ECO comes with a concealed storage clip that reduces the chance of cap loss and therefore environmental pollution. With carbon reduction, eco-friendly designs, and green living, we can better protect our planet.


Under the rapid development of DDR5 DRAM and PCIe Gen5 SSD, TEAMGROUP continues to be an industry pioneer with 26 years of rich market experience and strong R&D capabilities. This year at COMPUTEX 2023, the six brand new products to be unveiled not only display a comprehensive range of high-end memory, storage devices, and hardware peripherals but also aptly showcase TEAMGROUP’s core design concept of ” DAZZLE.CHILL.INTEGRATE”. We invite all partners to visit our booth at COMPUTEX 2023 to experience a visually stunning experience and discover our ever-growing product development capabilities.

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