Diablo IV Had a Rocky Start as PlayStation Players Experienced a Licensing Glitch That Prevented Them from Playing on Early Access Launch Day, Plus Other Bugs

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Despite Blizzard Entertainment’s previous pre-launch events and predictions, Diablo IV had a rocky start as unruly boss spawning and licensing issues plagued players during its early access. Kotaku has reported on both instances. First up is that PlayStation players had the unfortunate experience of finding out that their licenses were not getting properly authenticated thus preventing them from playing their paid-for game. Upon launching the game players were greeted with “Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV” screens which prevented them from moving forward. Within an hour of its release, Blizzard was quick to respond.

Kotaku also reported a workaround, but also for good reason recommended against doing, that it was discovered paying more could potentially let players get in. As it turns out, for some reason, paying a $1.99 fee could allow players to join the game.

Per Kotaku:

“I’m not recommending you do this—it’s not guaranteed to work, and you’ve paid for the game already, don’t pay more!—just pointing out it is very funny that a full-price game that is already going to try and fleece you with microtransactions is now inadvertently offering another to circumvent a rocky launch.”

A round of Bosses on us

On a somewhat more humorous note, there’s a side quest that could make even the most stoic demon chuckle. It’s a pretty simple looking and basic kill the boss and get its treasure type of quest. For most, this is a do-it-and-move-on type of thing but what do you do when the boss continually spawns more incarnations of themself? For now, one of Lillith’s little hench demons named Darcel is getting the last laugh on this one.

Per Kotaku:

“I went to kill Darcel and there was like 200 of him standing there, fix?” posted one user on Blizzard’s official Diablo forums. Another player jokingly posted a clip of the glitch on the Diablo subreddit, adding that they “did not expect Diablo IV [to be] this hard” and that it was “one too many Darcels for me.”

At the moment the early access launch, while not perfect, could be far worse in light of many others this year. The game is getting positive reviews and Blizzard is working on these issues and has released its first update for others.

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