Samsung Announces Bespoke Jet AI, an AI-Powered Cordless Stick Vacuum

Image: Samsung

Samsung has announced that the Bespoke Jet AI will be available to pre-order starting on June 22, and those who pre-order before July 5 can get $150 off its full retail price of $999. Featuring a 250-watt and 280-watt model in two colors (Satin Black and Satin Greige), the Bespoke Jet AI is the world’s first UL-verified AI-powered cordless stick vacuum, headlined by an AI-based cleaning feature that Samsung says provides an exceptionally intelligent cleaning experience. It features up to 100 minutes of runtime, the “longest single battery run time of any cordless stick vacuum.”

“We brought our Bespoke design philosophy to the floor care market with the introduction of Bespoke Jet, an all-in-one cordless vacuum that offers modern style, unrivaled performance and innovative cleaning features,” said Shane Higby, Head of Home Appliance Business, Samsung Electronics America. “It has quickly become our most popular vacuum, and the new Bespoke Jet AI further enhances our premium floor care line with AI technology that automates settings and maintenance tasks to take the guesswork out of cleaning at home.”

From a Samsung press release:

Bespoke Jet AI is able to more effectively clean a diverse range of environments using its new AI Cleaning Mode. It’s the first cordless stick vacuum to feature an AI verification from UL Solutions, a leading independent safety science organization. AI Cleaning Mode determines floor type in order to provide both optimized cleaning and maximum battery efficiency.

With AI Cleaning Mode, Bespoke Jet AI will first detect the brush load it has encountered through its suction motion controller, as well as the air pressure through its pressure sensors. This data will then be analyzed in order to classify the floor type it is placed on, and the resulting algorithm will be automatically applied in order to adjust to the optimal suction power and brush roll speed[3].

In addition to AI Cleaning Mode, Wi-Fi connectivity with SmartThings lets users customize their vacuum and its functions while maintaining peak vacuum performance through the smart self-diagnosis function for more effective cleaning experiences.

Image: Samsung

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