Phil Spencer Doesn’t See a Need for an Xbox Series X Pro: “We’re Set on the Hardware We Have”

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An Xbox Series X with upgraded hardware isn’t in development, according to Phil Spencer, who talked with Bloomberg News after yesterday’s Xbox Games Showcase and stated that he didn’t “feel an imperative” to release new hardware. “That’s not the feedback we’re getting right now,” Spencer explained, going on to clarify that Microsoft is “pretty set on the hardware” that’s currently available. Sony, on the other hand, is rumored to be working on a PlayStation 5 Pro.

From a BNN Bloomberg report:

Microsoft Corp.’s video gaming chief Phil Spencer said he doesn’t “feel an imperative” to come out with a major upgrade of its Xbox game console.

Video game console makers typically release major upgrades about three years into a gaming machines’ life. The Xbox Series S and X, were released in 2020 as part of the ninth generation of video game consoles. They compete against Sony Group Corp.’s PlayStation 5.

Today, the rate at which console developers are able to capitalize on improvements in hardware is slower, allowing for more incremental advancements, than leaps in technology. For example, 8K technology is not as in-demand as 4K, because some consumers can’t tell the difference and cutting-edge hardware is expensive.

At the event the company announced a new version of its current Xbox Series S with improved storage. It also addressed shortages of the console’s higher-powered cousin, the Series X, saying it had “significantly increased” supplies.

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