Diablo IV Crosses $666 Million Sell-Through In First Five Days Following June 6 Launch: “A New Blizzard All-Time Record”

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

“Blessed Mother Lilith is pleased with your devotion, mortals.” Activision has announced that Diablo IV has crossed $666 million sell-through within five days of the game’s launch, setting a new all-time record for Blizzard Entertainment as its best-selling opening ever. According to a press release from Activision Blizzard, that sales number would make Diablo IV the box-office equivalent of the biggest opening week of the year, blowing past the early performance of 2023 films that include The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Activision has confirmed that Diablo IV has only begun gearing up, with seasons beginning next month ahead of the action RPG’s inevitable expansions, which are “planned for years to come.”

“On behalf of Blizzard, we want to thank the millions of players around the world who are immersing themselves in Diablo IV,” said Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment. “Diablo IV is a result of our incredible teams working together to craft and support genre-defining games, build legendary worlds, and inspire memories that will last a lifetime. We’re humbled by the response, proud of the team, and remain committed to listening to our players and ensuring Diablo continues to exceed expectations for years to come.”

From an Activision press release:

The heroes of Sanctuary, the world in which Diablo is set, have already played more than 276 million hours, or more than 30,000 years.

So what are players doing with all this time spent in Diablo IV?

  • 276 billion demons killed since Early Access: nearly 35 times the global population.
  • Players have been vanquished over 316 million times
  • …over 5 million of those vanquishings were at the hands of the Butcher.
  • But they’re not falling alone – players have created a party with friends over 166 million times.
  • 163 players have made it to the maximum level in Hardcore mode, where deaths are permanent.
  • When players haven’t been playing Diablo, they’ve been watching it – Diablo IV was the #1 game on Twitch from Early Access on June 1 through June 9, breaking Blizzard records for both hours streamed and watched over a similar period.

Diablo IV is available now, featuring cross-platform play and cross-progression on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, plus up to four player co-op, including two player couch co-op on consoles.

Image: The FPS Review

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