Overclocking AMD Radeon RX 7600

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Overclocked Radeon RX 7600 Ray Tracing Performance

We are going to focus on Ray Tracing 1080p gameplay performance with the Overclocked AMD Radeon RX 7600 video card.  We will include DLSS and FSR performance on the same graph in the games that are supported.  We will use DLSS on NVIDIA GPUs and FSR on AMD GPUs.  For video card comparisons we are using a GeForce RTX 3060 12GB and Radeon RX 6600 video cards.


Returnal was launched on the PC in February of 2023 and is based on Unreal Engine 4. The game supports real-time ray tracing effects, particle systems, and volumetric rendering. We utilize the graphics preset to set EPIC graphics settings with an unlocked framerate, and everything is enabled. For ray tracing tests we have enabled Ray Traced Shadows and Reflections at EPIC settings. We use the built-in benchmark.

Returnal with Ray Tracing

In Returnal we have turned on EPIC Ray Tracing on Shadows and Reflections. The Radeon RX 7600 is really not very playable, and the GeForce RTX 3060 12GB takes the performance crown with Ray Tracing. Overclocking the Radeon RX 7600 only improves performance 2%, and really makes no performance difference, it just isn’t big enough to affect anything.

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol was released in December of 2022 on the PC and is based on Unreal Engine 4. We run the game in DX12 mode with unlimited framerate, and all graphics settings enabled and at the highest graphics settings. This game supports ray tracing, and FSR upscaling only, we use FSR2 for testing. For Ray Tracing we enable Ray Traced Shadows, Ray Traced Transmission, and Ray Traced Reflections to High. We use the built-in benchmark.

The Callisto Protocol with Ray Tracing

We see a more significant difference with overclocking the Radeon RX 7600 in The Callisto Protocol. Here, the Radeon RX 7600 is actually faster than the GeForce RTX 3060 12GB with Ray Tracing enabled at High in the game. Overclocking the Radeon RX 7600 increases performance by 7% and brings it up to 60FPS at 1080p with Ray Tracing, making it playable.

Chernobylite Enhanced Edition

Chernobylite was released on the PC in 2021, but the free Enhanced Edition update for the game was released in April 2022. The Enhanced Edition provides a visual overhaul of the game with better textures, plus introduces tessellation and ray tracing features. It features raytraced reflections, raytraced translucency, raytraced caustics, and raytraced dynamic diffuse global illumination. The game is based on Unreal Engine 4. For our Ray Tracing test, we have enabled the Ultra Ray Tracing option.

Chernobylite Enhanced Edition with Ray Tracing

Chernobylite Enhanced Edition completely tanks on the Radeon RX 7600, and Radeon RX 6600, with Ultra Ray Tracing enabled. This game uses Global Illumination Ray Tracing, and it is just too much for these two Radeon cards. The GeForce RTX 3060 12GB while much faster, is also not playable until you use DLSS. Even with FSR, the Radeon RX 7600 is not playable overclocked.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 was released in February 2022 on the PC and uses Techland’s C-Engine. The game supports Ray Tracing, DLSS, and FSR2. This game supports Ray Tracing environmental effects including Ray Traced Soft Shadows, Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion, Ray Traced Global Illumination, and Ray Traced Reflections. We utilize the built-in preset option to set “HIGH-QUALITY RAYTRACING” which enables the game’s highest graphics settings plus the environmental effects explained above at the highest values. The game is run in DX12 Ultimate mode with ASYNC Compute turned on. We use the built-in benchmark.

Dying Light 2 with Ray Tracing

In Dying Light 2 the Radeon RX 7600 is not playable with High Quality Ray Tracing even at just 1080p. Unfortunately, overclocking just doesn’t help in this very bottlenecked situation and adds nothing significant to performance. However, note that with FSR enabled, the Radeon RX 7600 is playable both overclocked or at stock. The GeForce RTX 3060 12GB is still faster, however, especially with DLSS.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 was released in December 2020 and uses the REDengine 4. We have the game patched to version 1.62 and use the built-in benchmark. We test using the Graphics Preset option to set graphics settings. We use the Ray Tracing Graphics Preset of either: “Ray Tracing: Low”, or “Ray Tracing: Medium” or “Ray Tracing: Ultra” as indicated. This game supports DLSS and FSR2.

Cyberpunk 2077 with Ray Tracing

Good ole Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely not playable with Ultra Ray Tracing at 1080p on any video card here. Overclocking the Radeon RX 7600 improves performance 6%, but that only means 1 FPS in this case at this framerate, which is nothing. Even with FSR, the overclocked Radeon RX 7600 is not playable. Only the RTX 3060 with DLSS is close to playable.

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