ASUS Tops CableMod’s List of 12VHPWR Adapter Damage Reports for GeForce RTX 4090


Igor Wallossek has reached out to CableMod to get a better idea of how many GeForce RTX 4090 users are, as many have insisted, plugging their hardware in wrong. CableMod has apparently received only 31 reports of 12VHPWR adapters being damaged in total, although ASUS sits at the top of the list, with 18 damages, followed by GIGABYTE and MSI, both of which are listed with 5 reports. Wallossek seems to think that there could be something up with the connector on ASUS’ boards.

CableMod 12VHPWR Adapter Damage Reports

ManufacturerInstallation direction 12VHPWRDamagesPercent
Asus180° rotated180,02250 %
Gigabytenormal50,00625 %
MSInormal50,00625 %
Zotacnormal20,00250 %
PNYnormal10.00125 %
Total310.03875 %

From an Igor’s Lab report:

I think that a number of about 80,000 adapters sold (as of last week) alone speaks for a real need for action with regard to the screwed-up plug-in solution, and at the same time it is large enough to conduct statistical surveys. This includes all damages that were reported directly by the customer to CableMod as well as the feedback from the board partners to CableMod (RMA). Not included are possible dealer services where neither the AIC nor CableMod were billed or communicated with. However, this number is probably negligible due to the high costs, which no dealer likes to bear himself.

We can see that 58% of the whole boards, i.e. far more than half, have a turned 12VHPWR connector and come from Asus. I have illustrated the difference with two board pictures of mine. Since CableMod also sells native, relatively flexible cables and no damage was recorded there, you have to ask yourself whether the protected story of the allegedly too stupid users is really still so generally tenable. The fact is, as I have proven several times, that any adapter solutions only cause problems when additional lateral forces act on the plugged-in connector (e.g. as a result of cable management).

Image: Igor’s Lab

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