Far Cry Source Code Leaks Online 19 Years After Release

Image: Crytek

The source code for the original Far Cry game, which Crytek released way back in 2004, years before another little-known benchmark called Crysis, is now available for download via the Internet Archive as part of a torrent or zip file. One user has speculated that this leak stems from the effort in bringing support for Ubisoft’s game launcher to the game, and it also appears to PC specific, having no Xbox content.

From my educated guess, this is some source tree leak for the pc ver of the game to add support for the ubisoft game launcher / drm.

It does contain some exes but no xbox code and no game assets. The code that is there doesn’t compile without 332 errors. (I could have the dev env setup wrong too)

So I think you could get some debug pc ver of this game running if you put in the effort and learnt the code base, but I don’t know enough to do that.

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