Microsoft Reveals 21M+ Xbox Series X|S Consoles Sold, In-Game Advertising Coming

Image: Xbox

Idle Sloth has shared a slide from the ID@Xbox Developer Accelerator Program that reveals over 21 million Xbox Series X|S consoles have been sold since their release in November 2020. The number seems to confirm that Microsoft’s hardware isn’t selling anywhere near as well as Sony’s, whose PlayStation 5 is listed with global sales of over 38 million, per data from VGChartz, although Nintendo Switch blows away both, with a figure of 126 million. Another slide suggests that in-game advertising is coming to Xbox games soon.

Top 30 Best-Selling Consoles (July 2023)

PosPlatformNorth AmericaEuropeJapanRest of WorldGlobal
1PlayStation 2 (PS2)53.6555.2823.1826.59158.70
2Nintendo DS (DS)57.9251.8432.9911.28154.02
3Nintendo Switch (NS)45.4532.3029.3319.42126.51
4Game Boy (GB)43.1840.0532.472.99118.69
5PlayStation 4 (PS4)38.1545.849.6223.44117.05
6PlayStation (PS)40.7831.0921.599.04102.49
7Nintendo Wii (Wii)45.5133.1212.7710.23101.63
8PlayStation 3 (PS3)29.9230.8710.4716.1487.40
9Xbox 360 (X360)47.0925.081.6611.9085.73
10Game Boy Advance (GBA)40.3921.3116.962.8581.51
11PlayStation Portable (PSP)21.4124.3920.0114.9880.79
12Nintendo 3DS (3DS)25.4720.4524.675.3575.94
13Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)33.498.3019.350.7761.91
14Xbox One (XOne)32.9714.860.1210.0257.96
15Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)22.888.1517.170.9049.10
16PlayStation 5 (PS5)15.6711.683.597.5138.45
17Sega Genesis (GEN)18.508.393.583.5934.06
18Nintendo 64 (N64)20.116.355.540.9332.93
19Atari 2600 (2600)23.543.352.360.7530.00
20Xbox (XB)15.777.170.471.2424.65
21Xbox Series X/S (XS)11.825.980.443.7221.96
22GameCube (GC)12.554.444.040.7121.74
23Sega Master System (MS)2.006.952.529.3720.84
24PlayStation Vita (PSV)2.703.945.733.4415.82
25Nintendo Wii U (WiiU)
26GameGear (GG)5.403.231.780.2110.62
27TurboGrafx-16 (TG16)0.75N/A7.76N/A10.00
28Sega Saturn (SAT)1.831.105.800.539.26
29Dreamcast (DC)3.901.912.251.079.13
30Sega Advanced Pico Beena (Beena)N/AN/AN/AN/A4.10

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