World’s First Flying Car Earns FAA Approval for Testing

Image: Alef Automotive

Alef Automotive has announced that the Model A is now cleared for take off, having earned a special airworthiness certificate from the FAA that allows the vehicle, dubbed as “the world’s first real flying car,” to be tested on the road and sky. Already available for pre-order ahead of its planned release in 2025 for $299,999, the Model A is an all-electric vehicle that offers a road range of 200 miles and flying range of 110 miles. It will be certified as a “low speed vehicle,” meaning that it will only be able to go up to 25 MPH on paved roads.

“We’re excited to receive this certification from the FAA. It allows us to move closer to bringing people an environmentally friendly and faster commute, saving individuals and companies hours each week. This is a one small step for planes, one giant step for cars,” Alef CEO Jim Dukhovny said.

“The historical significance of this cannot be overstated,” he added. “While there have been pioneers like Terrafugia, Paul Moller, and Henry Ford, this is the first time a vehicle, in the traditional sense (parks and drives like a car, functions like a car, looks like a car), has received permission to fly. It’s also important that Alef is the first electric car which received permission to fly. And, last but not least, the ability for vertical takeoff is central to most people’s conception of a ‘flying car.'”

The FAA confirmed that it has issued the company a special airworthiness certificate, allowing for limited purposes that include exhibition, research and development.

Numerous companies are working on all-electric VTOLs, which stands for vehicle takeoff and landing aircraft. The FAA said that Alef is “not the first aircraft of its kind” to get a special airworthiness certificate. However, Alef noted that its vehicle is different because of its ability to function both on roads and in the air, to appear like a normal car and to park in a normal parking space.

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