Diablo IV Billboard Receives Complaint for Reminding People of COVID-19 Lockdowns: “Memories of Hell”

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

There’s a giant billboard advertising the 6.6.23 release of Diablo IV in Melbourne (AU), but clearly, not everyone is a Blizzard fan, as one resident went so far as to make a complaint to the city about how its visuals and tagline, “Welcome to Hell,” are reminding them of COVID-19 lockdowns. The artwork on the billboard, which is of Lilith, is also too scary and should not be seen by children, according to the complainant.

The imagery is frightening to children as the demonic looking character is staring at the camera, creating the effect of staring at the observer. It is located in an prominent position beside a busy freeway where children have a clear view of the very large billboard.

I feel it’s inappropriate to show such disgusting and disturbing content on a billboard where children are seeing this on a daily basis. It has no context and for an adult of 43, I found it unsettling.

It’s scary for young children who see it, but even as an adult it brought back memories of the hell of the two years of lockdowns in Melbourne. The language and words used are not necessary to get across the message about the release of this game.

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