Halo Infinite Is Hurting on Steam, as Player Levels Drop 98% from Peak

Image: 343 Industries

Does Halo Infinite have any chance of recapturing its 272,586 all-time peak from two years ago on Steam? Probably not, as critics of the game have begun pointing out how the shooter from 343 Industries has managed to reach even lower lows over the past few months, with SteamDB showing 5,521 players having logged on over the last 24 hours—a relatively low figure that would imply a 98% decrease in total engagement from its 2021 launch. What makes these numbers harder to look at is that Halo Infinite received new content in the form of Season 4: Infection just two weeks ago.

With Season 4: Infection comes a plethora of new content—from the fan-favorite mode itself, to two new maps, a new 100-tier Premium Battle Pass (that never expires), new equipment in the form of the Quantum Translocator and Threat Seeker, five free events to earn new customization content, HAZMAT armor, Forge updates, and more.

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