Hogwarts Legacy Ultra+ Mod Fixes Various Graphical Issues While Adding More Ray Tracing Effects and Other Improvements

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A Hogwarts Legacy Ultra+ Mod has made numerous fixes to the game while improving its visuals at the same time. Modder “sammilucia” has created the “Ultra Plus Ultimate Visual Performance Mod which adds raytraced water and shadows for the whole map along with improved stability, and reduced memory usage. A fix for slow texture loading is included along with making the game playable on lower-end hardware. These are just a few of its features and visual improvements.

The mod’s author has been working extensively on it for some time and according to its long list of change logs documenting a growing list of features and fixes. Presently it is up to Version 8.0 which has added an “Insane” graphics preset for those wanting the best possible visuals on a PC. In reading the notes for the Hogwarts Legacy Ultra+ Mod it is clear that its author has put a great deal of attention for scalability for it. They explain how even a laptop with a 115W 3070 Ti is capable of 50-60 FPS at 1600p (2560×1600), with the right settings.

Performance Notes:

Note: Ultra+ is designed to squeeze as much quality out of HL as possible, while staying as performant as possible. In many cases it actually fixes low FPS problems and stutters. To achieve the visual quality it does all the time, it actually improves performance and memory usage in several areas.

However it is not a fastest FPS mod. With that said, there is a Balanced version included with every download, which many people have had success with. The Balanced version doesn’t override many quality settings it doesn’t need to, so you can tune performance to your liking in graphics settings, while still having better graphics and textures of Ultra+

As a rough guide, I have a 115W 3070 Ti 8GB and Intel 12650H CPU in my laptop with 32GB memory. Despite what you might have heard, 16GB or 32GB of system memory makes little difference

Using Ultra+ Full with no raytracing:

  • All settings Ultra
  • I get super-consistent 60-70 fps even in Hogsmead and Hogwarts
  • At 1600p (2560×1600) DLSS Balanced
  • At 1600p DLAA I get 50-60 fps

Using Insane RT with all raytracing enabled:

  • Raytraced water enabled, too
  • All settings Ultra
  • I get super consistent 30-45 fps depending on location
  • At 1600p DLSS Balanced
  • (Can’t really use DLAA everywhere with my “little” card)


The following details are just the tip of the iceberg as many others are listed. The author does provide a great deal of instruction for those desiring to add more modifications as well as how to reconfigure various graphical settings in their how-to instructions. There is also a list of extra options available.

Ultra+ Details (per Nexus Mods)

Fixes all performance problems:

  • Fixes broken LOD definitions in Hogsmeade and elsewhere
  • Reduces memory usage
  • Improves stability
  • Reworks the texture streamer to fix hitches/stutters
  • Fixes slow texture loading
  • Completely disables Chroma SDK plugin (DLL)
  • Makes the game playable even on lower-end PCs!

Dramatically improves game visuals:

  • Forces higher than cut-scene visuals for the whole game
  • Fixes noisy raytraced reflections
  • Enables global illumination (either RTGI or SSGI)
  • Enables raytraced water (optional)
  • Enables raytraced shadows for the whole map
  • Improves screenspace reflections
  • Removes the sepia look (optional)
  • Adjusts contrast / washed out look
  • Fixes blurriness
  • Enables TAA Gen5 (which is used extensively in DLSS also)
  • Improves the sky and clouds above cut-scene quality
  • Improves lighting on the ground cast from the sky
  • Enables raytracing integration with particle FX (Insane only)
  • Hand-tunes all in-game graphics settings (see what they do below)


“For those unaware, the Hogwarts Legacy Ultra+ Mod enables global illumination (you can either select RTGI or SSGI), adds ray-traced water, and brings better graphics for the whole game. Moreover, it fixes texture loading, blurriness, disables Chroma DLL, and increases view distance and LODs.”

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