The Last Hope Is a New Nintendo Switch Game That Looks Oddly Familiar

Image: V.G. Games

The Last of Us isn’t coming to the Nintendo Switch any time soon, but owners of the hybrid console can now try out what may be the next best thing thanks to the “creative” developers at V.G. Games. “Do you have what it takes to survive the relentless onslaught of the undead, complete harrowing missions, and ultimately find your way to safety?” reads a description for The Last Hope – Dead Zone Survival, a new Switch title from the group that has been described by some critics as a dollar store knock-off of Naughty Dog’s original game, Ellie clone and all. The Last Hope is currently on sale for just £0.99, but it appears to be exclusive to UK’s Nintendo eShop for the time being.

As you navigate the treacherous city streets, you’ll encounter diverse locations that hold the key to your survival. Journey to the library to safe an innocent girl from reckless zombies, head on to the pharmacy to secure vital medical supplies, explore the police station to arm yourself with powerful weaponry, and venture into the dark depths of the metro tunnels, where unexpected horrors await. Each location presents its own set of challenges pushing you closer to your ultimate goal: escaping the city on a ship to a safer haven and saving the girl, as each life matters when all you have left is the The Last Hope.

In this game, your combat skills will be put to the test as you face relentless waves of zombies. Employ a variety of weapons to fend off the gruesome undead menace. Aim for headshots to maximize your chances of survival and conserve precious ammunition.

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