Diablo IV Players Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Take a Break Before Season 1, Blizzard Says

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Thinking about taking a break from Diablo IV to slow down that carpal tunnel? This may actually be a great idea, according to associate game director Joe Piepiora, who revealed during the recent Developer Update that this is exactly what Blizzard’s own staff is doing before Season of Malignant, Diablo IV’s first season, which launches on Thursday, July 20. As pointed out by a number of publications, some Diablo IV players have been seriously no-lifing the game, with some hitting level 100 in Hardcore and others even completing Tier-100 Nightmare Dungeons under the permadeath mode—no easy feat for some classes, with mobs that CC like crazy and kill in one hit.

“When you’ve reached all the goals and done the things you think are important, and you want to go take a break to play something else for a little while, that’s fine,” Piepiora said. “We do the same thing. But when a season rolls and there are new things for you to come out, that’s a great time to come back, particularly if you had a good time playing before, that’s exactly when you should come back and check out Diablo 4 fresh.”

“I’ll be honest, when the next WoW [World of Warcraft] expansion comes out, there’s a non-zero chance that I’m going to be playing WoW for a while,” added lead game producer Tim Ismay. “But it’s great to know there’s a point that I can come back to Diablo 4, and everybody’s on an even footing.”

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