FPS: The Definitive FPS Documentary Chronicles over 50 Years of Groundbreaking Games, Now Available to Purchase for a Limited Time

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FPS: First Person Shooter, a four-hour-plus gaming documentary that features over 45 gaming legends sharing stories and moments for classics that range from DOOM and Half-Life to Unreal and Halo, is now available to order for a limited time through fpsdoc.com. Customers appear to have until August 1, 2023 to buy what’s been described as “the definitive FPS documentary,” available in standard Blu-ray ($99) up to a pricey Executive Producer bundle that costs $5,999 and comes with an Executive Producer Credit on IMDb, premiere tickets, and more.

“Our team has worked over two years to bring this project to life,” said co-director and co-writer David L. Craddock. “Thanks to the support of thousands of backers around the world, we’re almost ready to share it with you.” Co-director and editor Christopher Stratton described FPS as “a journey into the heart of action gaming to discover the creators and games that pioneered the industry we know today. Fans are in for a wild ride.”

“We wanted to surprise, delight, and inform all in one package, and we’ve done that in spades,” added co-writer and producer Richard Moss, “with a who’s-who lineup sharing the incredible stories behind the games that defined a generation and the FPS gaming moments they’ll never forget.”

FPS delivers over four hours of behind-the-scenes stories and moments centered on beloved titles and cult classics that shaped the genre. The all-star cast includes id Software co-founders John Romero and John Carmack, System Shock and Deus Ex producer Warren Spector, Unreal co-creator Cliff Bleszinski, Halo scribe Joseph Staten, and dozens more.

The movie can be ordered in a range of digital and physical collector’s editions. Fans who order now will have their name added to the credits and become part of gaming history.

Other designers and experts featured in the film include Build engine architect Ken Silverman, “boomer shooter” designer and producer Dave Oshry, Team Fortress co-creators Robin Walker and John Cook, pro players Dennis “Thresh” Fong, Randy “N0M4D” Fitzgerald, and Amy “Athena” Brady; veteran programmer Rebecca “Burger” Heineman, more id Software alumni including Tom Hall, Adrian Carmack, and American McGee; and Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St John.

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