AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Says AI Will Dominate Chip Design

Image: AMD

Having a problem with Ryzen CPUs? In the future, artificial intelligence may be something to blame, as Dr. Lisa Su, AMD chair and CEO, was recently observed at the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) stating her belief that AI will dominate certain areas of chip design, seemingly paving the way toward Ryzen CPUs that feature less of a human touch. AMD CTO Mark Papermaster, who Tom’s Hardware talked with in May, has said that AI brings numerous benefits to the chip development process, including improved performance and energy efficiency.

At AMD, AI is already in chip design, particularly in the ‘place and route’ stage, where sub-blocks of chip designs are positioned and optimized for better performance and lower energy consumption, Papermaster told Tom’s Hardware in May. AI’s ability to continuously iterate and learn from patterns greatly accelerates the process of achieving an optimized layout, thereby increasing performance and energy efficiency. Papermaster said that AI will even expand into more important aspects of chip design, like microarchitecture designs, particularly after certain hurdles are overcome to protect IP.

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