Thermaltake Celebrates Amazon Prime Day 2023 with Deals of Up to 42% Off

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PC builders have the opportunity to take advantage of some great discounts as Thermaltake celebrates Amazon Prime Day 2023. Thermaltake is offering a little of something for everyone with its diverse range of PC products. For gaming laptop owners there’s the Massive 20 RGB laptop cooling pad which is on sale for 42% off at $34.99 and has a review rating of 4.3 stars from over 4,300 users. Those interested in updating to a 12VHPWR PSU might be interested in the ToughPower GF A3 1200W 80+ gold that is on sale for 10% off. If looking for an affordable cooling option the ToughLiquid 360 AIO cooler is on sale for 21% off. Perhaps wanting a new micro-ATX case for a low cost then check out the Versa H18 Black M-ATX mid-tower which is at 20% off.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 runs from July 11 – July 12.

Press Release:

Thermaltake Celebrates Amazon Prime Day 2023 with Amazing Deals on Gaming Products

Save up to 42% on popular items from gaming PCs, PC cases, coolers, and PSUs, exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

Walnut, California – July 10th, 2023 – Thermaltake, the leading PC Cases, Cooling, Power, and memory solutions brand, is excited to announce their special deals for Amazon Prime Day 2023. Amazon Prime Day is a two-day shopping event for customers with Prime membership on July 11th and 12th. Thermaltake has selected many of the best-selling gaming components for Amazon Prime members to enjoy, such as gaming desktop PCs, PC cases, AIO water coolers, CPU air coolers, cooling fans, and power supply units.

Thermaltake offers over 25 of their top-rated PC products for Prime Day, with up to 42% discounts. Two LCGS (Liquid Cooling Gaming System) models featuring Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 5 platforms are available with discounts of 17% and 15%, respectively. Amazon Prime members can get up to 26% off on Thermaltake’s most popular PC cases, such as Core P3, Tower 900, and Ceres 500. Cooling products like ToughLiquid 360 and ToughAir 510 are also on sale at 33% off, while builders looking to upgrade their PSU can do so with up to 29% special deals. Gamers, PC builders, and enthusiasts looking for high-quality components to enhance their gaming systems should take advantage of this opportunity.

“Tech enthusiasts and gamers can look forward to one of the biggest online shopping events of the year with Amazon Prime Day. Thermaltake is offering exclusive deals on its premium gaming products, from PCs and cases to coolers and PSUs,” said Michael Guo, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Thermaltake USA. “Our products are engineered to deliver a reliable and performance-boosted gaming experience across our entire line of gaming desktops, Cases, cooling products, and ATX 3.0 PSU. We are grateful for the gaming community’s support and want to reward them with these amazing Prime Day deals and discounts,” he added.

The Prime Day exclusive deals include various Thermaltake best-in-class PC products. Here is the summary of the sales:

●          LCGS (Liquid Cooling Gaming System)

■       Glacier i350 Liquid Cooling Gaming System for 17% off: Click Here

◆       Intel Core i5-10400F/RTX3050 GPU/DDR4 16GB/1TB NVMe SSD

■       Glacier 360 Liquid Cooling Gaming System for 15% off: Click Here

◆       AMD Ryzen 5 5600X/RTX3060 GPU/DDR4 16GB/1TB NVMe SSD

●          PC Case

■       Ceres 500 Black E-ATX mid-tower for 21% off: Click Here

■       Tower 900 Black E-ATX full-tower for 26% off: Click Here

■       Core P3 Black open frame E-ATX case for 23% off: Click Here

■       Versa H18 Black M-ATX mid-tower for 20% off: Click Here

●          Cooling Product

■       ToughLiquid 360 AIO cooler for 21% off: Click Here

■       ToughAir 510 air cooler for 33% off: Click Here

■       SWAFAN EX 12 RGB cooling fan (3 fan pack) for 20% off: Click Here

■       Massive 20 RGB laptop cooling pad for 42% off: Click Here

●          Power Supply Unit

■       ToughPower GF1 850W 80+ gold for 29% off: Click Here

■       ToughPower GF A3 1200W 80+ gold for 10% off: Click Here

■       ToughPower GF A3 1000W 80+ gold for 12% off: Click Here

To learn more about Thermaltake’s Amazon Prime Day Deals(7/11 & 7/12):

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