Diablo IV Players Can Earn Platinum Through Season 1’s Battle Pass

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo IV Game Director Joe Shely and franchise GM Rod Fergusson have told Forbes in a new interview that Diablo IV players will be able to earn Platinum, the game’s premium currency, through Season of the Malignant’s battle pass. What this seems to mean is that players won’t have to spend real money to access paid cosmetics, which is pretty great, as many items, including costume sets, can easily cost around $20. The amount of Platinum that can be obtained through Diablo IV’s battle pass is limited, however, with Forbes noting that it won’t be enough to buy the next battle pass.

For players of other live games, one big difference is that all the content of Diablo 4 seasons is free. The storyline, the mechanics, the ability to create a seasonal character, a free chunk of the battle pass. The only paid thing is $10 for the Premium Battle Pass that just has cosmetics, plus any new shop items that get added separately.

There is a more expensive “accelerated” battle pass that comes with an exclusive cosmetic, but it’s just an emote, not like a insanely cool horse or armor set or something.

The battle pass will be the first place that you can earn Platinum, the game’s premium currency, in the game besides buying it outright in a bundle. It’s like Fortnite putting V-bucks in its battle pass but it will not be enough to fully buy the next season’s battle pass. Or, over time, you could save it up to buy an expensive armor set. But there is at least some in there.

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