NVIDIA Launches Portal: Prelude RTX with Full Ray Tracing, DLSS 3, and RTX IO, a new GPU-Accelerated Storage Technology


NVIDIA has announced that Portal: Prelude RTX, a fully ray-traced remaster of the highest-rated Portal mod of all time with DLSS 3, is now available as a free download on Steam. This title is the first to feature support for RTX IO, a new GPU-accelerated storage technology from NVIDIA that promises faster texture loading times and more. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will also feature support for RTX IO when it launches on July 26.

Portal: Prelude RTX is remastered with full ray tracing (also known as path tracing), DLSS 3, Reflex and the newly-launched NVIDIA RTX IO to deliver an even more immersive experience for gamers. It also features hundreds of new, fully upgraded materials and assets from David “Kralich” Driver-Gomm and Valerios “Fearell_Val” Tsoumpas, new voice acting by Jack “Amicus” McDade and Colin “SordidSpectacle” Zachariasen, and gameplay improvements from Nicolas. Portal: Prelude RTX is the definitive way to play the award winning mod.

NVIDIA RTX IO dramatically increases IO bandwidth by letting compressed data be delivered to GPU memory with minimal staging in the CPU system memory. The GPU is utilized for decompression using GDeflate at high throughput, allowing the CPU to perform other tasks. As a result, object pop-in and stutter can be reduced, and high-quality textures can be streamed at incredible rates, so even if you’re speeding through a world, everything runs and looks great. In addition, with lossless compression, game download and install sizes can be reduced, allowing gamers to store more games on their SSD while also improving their performance.


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