ASUS Has Signed On with Intel to Take Over Production of NUC System Product Line Moving Forward

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The NUC system product line lives on as ASUS has signed on with Intel to take over the production of the powerful mini-PCs. News of the deal arrives following the announcement from Intel last week that it would no longer be investing in the small-form-factor PC NUC products. This will be a slightly new direction for ASUS but as it already manufactures products for nearly every sector of the global PC market it will no doubt have the resources needed to carry the NUC product line forward. The license Intel is granting is non-exclusive meaning that Intel could be looking into similar deals with its other partners to share in carrying on the NUC product line as well.

The term sheet signed between the two will allow ASUS to produce NUC product lines based on both past 10th thru 13th gen processors and future Intel designs. The NUC product line has often included some of Intel’s most powerful processors combined with advanced chipsets which provide robust options rivaling those found in much larger desktop systems. From consumers needing a SFF system capable of performing basic every day needs, or the enthusiast wanting a small system for specific case usage, to the professional needing a Windows-based system with a small footprint the NUC product line has offered much over its 10-year-plus span.

“Our NUC systems product team delivered unique products that spurred innovation in the ultra-small form factor market. As we pivot our strategy to enable ecosystem partners to continue NUC systems product innovation and growth, our priority is to ensure a smooth transition for our customers and partners. I am looking forward to ASUS continuing to deliver exceptional products and supporting our NUC systems customers.”

–Sam Gao, Intel vice president and general manager of Intel Client Platform Solutions

Press Release (via Intel):

What’s New: Today, Intel announced it has agreed to a term sheet with ASUS, a global technology solution provider, for an agreement to manufacture, sell and support the Next Unit of Compute (NUC) 10th to 13th generations systems product line, and to develop future NUC systems designs.

Why It Matters: Intel is pivoting its strategy to enable ecosystem partners to continue NUC systems product line innovation and growth. ASUS’s expertise and track record delivering industry-leading mini PCs to customers make it ideally suited to continue driving innovation and growth in NUC systems products.

“Thank you, Intel, for your confidence in us to take the NUC systems product line forward. I am confident that this collaboration will enhance and accelerate our vision for the mini PC – greatly expanding our footprint in areas such as AI and AIoT,” said Joe Hsieh, ASUS chief operating officer. “We are committed to ensuring the excellent support and service that NUC systems customers expect.”

What’s Next: Under the proposed agreement, ASUS will receive a non-exclusive license to Intel’s NUC systems product line designs, enabling it to manufacture and sell 10th to 13th Gen NUC systems products and develop future designs. This will enable ASUS to provide product and support continuity for Intel NUC systems customers. ASUS will establish a new business unit called ASUS NUC BU.

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