Intel Puts Cloud-Based GPU “Project Endgame” Plans on Hold

Image: Intel

Intel has revealed that Project Endgame plans won’t be surfacing any time soon, having told the Bionic_Squash account this week that its efforts toward the project have been put on what is presumably an indefinite hold. Originally teased as early as February 2022, Project Endgame is basically a cloud-based GPU initiative that is meant to let users access Intel Arc GPUs through a service for an always-accessible, low-latency computing experience. Raja Koduri, who is no longer with Intel, echoed that descriptor during the Intel Vision event in 2022, calling it “a unified service layer that senses and taps into computing resources from anywhere — the cloud, edge, your home — to provide an always-available, low latency, continual service.”

Intel is determined to lower the barriers that can sometimes make PC gaming difficult today. Game compatibility issues, long download times, high performance variability and frequent patches and updates are just a few. Solving these requires investments and innovations in software technologies like cloud computing and global services.

Project Endgame is a unified services layer that harnesses computing resources everywhere – cloud, edge, and your home, to improve your gaming, and non-gaming, PC experiences. With Project Endgame, we can untether our users from their local hardware specs. Project Endgame is paving the roads for the next decade of real-time GPU experiences for Intel, with the goal of petaflops of compute accessible at a few millisecond latency, and starting in Q2 of this year we will take our first public steps.

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