Phanteks Announces Revolt Platinum (1000W/1200W) and Titanium (1600W) ATX 3.0 Power Supplies with Support for CableMod Custom Cables

Image: Phanteks

Phanteks has announced that its new lineup of Revolt Platinum (1000W/1200W) and Titanium (1600W) power supplies will be available beginning in August 2023 at a starting price of $199.99. These new ATX 3.0 PSUs, which are available in Black or White and feature at least one 12VHPWR connector, do not appear to include bundled cables, as they were designed for use with CableMod’s custom cables in mind. That said, Phanteks also has two Revolt cable kits that it plans to offer, starting at $79.99.

Phanteks Revolt Power Supply Series Pricing

  • Revolt 1000W Platinum Black | White €199.90 | $199.99 | £174,99
  • Revolt 1200W Platinum Black | White €249.90 | $249.99 | £214,99
  • Revolt 1600W Titanium Black €399.90 | $399.99 | £344,99
  • Revolt Cable Kit PCIe GEN5 Starter Set Black | White €79.90 | $79.99 | £69,99
  • Revolt Cable Kit Complete Set Black €179.90 | $179.99 | £154,99

Phanteks’ Revolt Series power supplies are designed specifically for users who desire custom cables from CableMod, offering a cable-free power supply solution that eliminates the additional cost of purchasing a traditional power supply with bundled cables. This approach ensures that users have full control over their power supply and cable selection, eliminating the clutter of unnecessary cables in their systems.

The Revolt power supplies, developed in collaboration with renowned power supply manufacturer Seasonic, adhere to the highest industry standards of performance and reliability. All models within the Revolt Series fully support and exceed the latest Intel ATX 3.0 specifications, guaranteeing compatibility and ensuring seamless integration into any system. Boasting wattage capacities of 1000W/1200W Platinum or 1600W Titanium certification, the Revolt power supplies deliver abundant power for even the most demanding computing systems.

Phanteks and CableMod have worked together to simplify the cable selection process for users building inside Phanteks chassis. By visiting CableMod’s website configurator,, users can effortlessly choose their Revolt power supply, select their Phanteks chassis, and pick the perfect CableMod cables in terms of length and customization options. This ensures the best building experience and perfect cable management. The following Phanteks chassis are supported right now, with more to follow: Phanteks Evolv X, G500A, P500A, P600A, NV7. Soon: NV5, NV9

Alternatively, CableMod also offers a wide range of high-quality cable sets specifically for the Phanteks Revolt power supplies made by Seasonic.

The Revolt Series power supplies not only excel in performance and build quality but also allow users to create truly unique systems when paired with CableMod’s custom cables. The combination of Phanteks’ Revolt power supplies and CableMod’s customization options offers an unparalleled opportunity for enthusiasts to showcase their personal style and creativity.

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