ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Is the First FromSoftware Title to Feature a 120 FPS Option on PC

Image: FromSoftware

Early ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON players have learned that the new, fast-paced mech game from FromSoftware that promises omni-directional battles features a 120 frame rate option under its graphics settings menu on PC. Normally, this wouldn’t be that exciting of a development, but this would mark the first time that a FromSoftware game can officially be played at 120 FPS. Elden Ring and Sekiro, some of FromSoftware’s most recent titles, are locked at 60 FPS, although mods are available for improving the experience.

Under the detailed quality settings menu there are a few welcome options, including being able to disable motion blur (which I did immediately, as is just and proper). There’s a disappointing lack of detail on what each setting does—a tooltip saying that lighting quality “configures the quality of light effects” is pretty much useless—and there’s no indication of how much of a performance impact any of them will have. Most of the settings have low/medium/high options, with some adding a maximum as well. Anti-aliasing has only low, high, and off.

Image: FromSoftware

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