Intel to Raise CPU Prices, including 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh” Processors: Report

Image: Intel

Intel is planning to raise the prices of its Core CPUs in the coming weeks because the company needs more money to build its latest fabs, according to poker clock, a moderator of the PCGH forum. All CPUs that are currently in production are said to be affected, which would imply that 14th Gen Intel Core “Raptor Lake Refresh” processors will be priced higher than what the current generation debuted at back in October 2022. Complementing the news is a fresh leak from chi11eddog that details some of the key specs of Intel’s upcoming non-K models, with the new Core i3 CPUs seemingly sticking with 4 four cores.

All CPUs that are currently still in production are affected. One of the reasons given here is the financing of the new fabs. The sale of the NUC division and the upcoming reduction in the workforce also fit in with this. Exchange rates are currently not an issue because the location is currently favorable.

Corresponding letters are currently being sent to the respective buyers at the wholesalers. Plans have already been adjusted accordingly. Typically, we will quickly feel the consequences for the end customer market. At the latest when current stocks are sold out.

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