Warner Bros. Sets New Domestic Tuesday Record with Barbie, Beating Aquaman and The Dark Knight with $26.1 Million

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures’ new Barbie movie appears to be doing great at the box office. As reported by Deadline, the new film from Greta Gerwig, which stars Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in the roles of Ken and Barbie, followed up its record $26.1 million Monday at the domestic box office with a similarly successful $26 million on Tuesday. This marks a new Tuesday milestone for Warner Bros., beating previous contenders that include Aquaman (Christmas Day 2018, $21.98 million) and The Dark Knight (July 22, 2008, $20.8 million). Deadline also noted that Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s new atomic bomb film, is doing pretty well, having earned $12 million on Tuesday for a domestic total of over $100 million thus far.

Pic beats previous Warner Bros Tuesday highs of Aquaman‘s Christmas Day 2018 take of $21.98M and Dark Knight‘s haul on July 22, 2008 of $20.8M.

Among all Tuesdays in July, Barbie had the fifth biggest after Spider-Man: Far From Home ($39.2M, July 2, 2019), Amazing Spider-Man ($35M, July 3, 2012), The Lion King ($30.3M, July 23, 2019) and Transformers ($27.8M, July 3, 2007).

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