DeepCool Announces AK DIGITAL Series Featuring Digital Displays for Real-Time Monitoring of CPU Temps and Usage

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PC builders have a new option for making air-cooled systems look spiffy as DeepCool announces its AK DIGITAL series. The AK DIGITAL series lineup is comprised of the AK400 DIGITAL, AK500 DIGITAL, and AK620 DIGITAL, all of which have an ARGB strip and low-profile status display which connects to a USB header. All also use the heat pipe design found in the AK ZERO DARK series and FDB FK120 fan. The AK620 (pictured above) features two fans. Presently the DIGITAL Series is only available in black but DeepCool has that white versions will be arriving in September.

DeepCool, a leading provider of high-performance cooling solutions, is proud to announce the release of the AK DIGITAL Series air coolers, including the AK400 DIGITAL, AK500 DIGITAL, and AK620 DIGITAL. The new additions to the AK family feature a sleek, low-profile status display and ARGB LED strips, making it the ideal solution for mainstream systems seeking an impressive price-performance ratio in a compact size. All include a 3-year warranty.


The AK DIGITAL coolers debut with a crystal-clear digital screen that displays the temperature and usage of your system’s CPU in real-time, with a high temperature warning. Additionally, the coolers themselves utilizes the proven heat pipe tower layout from the classic AK ZERO DARK series, all showcasing a unique black matrix fin design.

“We are excited to introduce both the AK DIGITAL Series, which combines exceptional cooling performance with an easy-to-use software and a real-time status screen, providing accurate CPU vitals in an easy-to-read display,” said from a DeepCool Head Spokesperson.

The AK DIGITAL Series are the perfect solution for middle-tier CPUs where the user wants a little something extra at a reasonable price point. The real-time status screen clears up precious screen space by moving CPU vitals monitoring onto the top of the physical CPU tower cooler. The display is controlled via a simple application that only requires an open USB 2.0 header.


All Digital Coolers are equipped with the high-performance FDB FK120 fan (x2 on the AK620) that maximizes airflow and static pressure when needed and intelligently ramps down for silent efficiency which achieves high-performance cooling with minimal noise levels, due to the “true” fluid dynamic bearing fan. The improved installation method is made easy with a sturdy all-metal mounting bracket and a quick five-step process to safely fasten your cooler on multiple platforms supporting the latest from Intel and AMD.

Welcome to the digital era with the AK400, AK500 and AK620 DIGITAL, now available for purchase. Visit the DeepCool website for more information.


Image: DeepCool

The AK400 DIGITAL, AK500 DIGITAL and AK620 DIGITAL CPU Coolers are available on the DeepCool worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. The white edition of the whole series will also come out in early September. All are backed by a three-year warranty, alongside the DeepCool worldwide customer service and technical support network.

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