AMD Radeon PRO W7600 and W7500 Leak Reveals Pricing and Performance of New RDNA 3 Workstation Graphics Cards

Image: AMD

The full slide deck for AMD’s new Radeon PRO W7600 and W7500 have leaked online, revealing the specifications, pricing, and performance behind red team’s latest graphics cards aimed at workstation professionals and creators. These models will cost $599 and $429, respectively, and according to the fine text, AMD is planning to officially unveil both tomorrow morning. AMD’s current Radeon PRO lineup includes the Radeon PRO W7900 and AMD Radeon PRO W7800, which were launched in Q2 2023.

The Radeon PRO W7600 is to feature a full Navi 33 GPU with 32 RDNA3 Compute Units and 64 AI accelerators. This graphics card is set to offer 20 TFLOPS of FP32 compute power which implies a GPU clock of 2.5 GHz. This card is to be equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 memory across a 128-bit memory bus, now confirmed to be 128-bit wide. All that will require 130W of power (TBP).

The W7500 is not only using a cut-down Navi 33 GPU with 28 Compute Units, it is also severely down clocked. Down to 1.7 GHz this model offers 12 TFLOPs of FP32 compute power and there is also a considerable memory bandwidth limit to 11 Gbps. On the other hand, the card does not require a 6-pin power connector like the W7600, as the TBP target is 70W.

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