Resident Evil 2 Remake Becomes Best-Selling Game in the Series

Image: Capcom

Capcom has updated its list of Platinum Titles, revealing Resident Evil 2 to be its best-selling title ever in the survival horror franchise. The game, which is a remake of the original PlayStation hit from 1998, has now sold 12.60 million units worldwide, according to the list, placing it in the third slot of Capcom’s biggest money makers, right above RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard, now in fourth with 12.40 million units sold. Capcom’s biggest success story appears to be Monster Hunter: World, which is in first place with 19 million units sold.

In the home video game market, sales of more than one million units is the generally accepted standard for a major hit. Since Capcom’s inception, we have created many of these titles, including Street Fighter and Resident Evil. With over 100 titles that have sold more than one million units, Capcom stands alone in the video game industry. This page lists these hit titles by sales volume, and includes box art, video, screenshots and other information about these games.

Image: Capcom

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