SilverStone Introduces IceMyst Series Closed-Loop AIO CPU Coolers

Image: SilverStone Technology

SilverStone Technology has announced that IceMyst, its latest series of closed-loop All-In-One (AIO) CPU coolers, will be available in 240, 280, 360, and 420 mm variants, with pricing ranging from $119.99 to $169.99. The IMF70 ARGB, a 70 mm upgrade fan kit for IceMyst with a modular design and ARGB lighting effects, will also be available for $13.99. IceMyst builds upon the success of SilverStone’s older Permafrost lineup.

SilverStone IceMyst Series Pricing

  • SST-IM240-ARGB: $129.99
  • SST-IM280-ARGB: $119.99
  • SST-IM360-ARGB: $149.99
  • SST-IM420-ARGB: $169.99
  • SST-IMF70-ARGB: $13.99

The grand unveiling of the IceMyst series took place at Computex 2023, leaving visitors to SilverStone’s booth mesmerized by the display of all four variants. Each cooler showcased the exceptional capabilities that IceMyst upholds, further solidifying SilverStone’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge cooling solutions.

While IceMyst series AIOs share similarities with other closed-loop coolers on the market, their standout feature lies in the unique water block design. The water block can be rotated in a 360° orientation, allowing for precise adjustment to suit any system layout. Regardless of your field of view, the water block proudly displays SilverStone’s logo, making it a stunning centerpiece in any build.

However, what truly sets IceMyst apart from other AIO CPU coolers is its expandability. Users have the option to stack fans on top of the pump housing, just beneath the housing’s illuminated display. These exclusive fans, known as IMF70 ARGB, are proprietary to the IceMyst series. By removing the pump housing cover, an 8-pin connector is revealed, supplying power for PWM and ARGB lighting to the additional IMF70 ARGB fans. The number of IMF70 ARGB units that can be stacked depends on the tolerance of the motherboard header, providing users with unprecedented flexibility.

One drawback of closed-loop AIO coolers is the reduced airflow over critical components such as the VRM, M.2 SSD, and overclocked RAM. This limitation can result in higher operational temperatures. However, the IceMyst series, when paired with IMF70 ARGB fans, addresses this concern. Users can dedicate one IMF70 ARGB fan exclusively to cool a specific hotspot on the motherboard, ensuring optimal cooling performance. Furthermore, the IMF70 ARGB fan can be rotated 320°, allowing for targeted airflow precisely where it’s needed most.

The IceMyst series is compatible with all the latest CPU sockets, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a new AIO CPU cooler. With its exceptional performance, expandability, and innovative design, SilverStone’s IceMyst series stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of cooling technology.

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