Robert Hallock Joins Intel as Senior Director of Technical Marketing

Image: AMD

Why’d Robert Hallock leave his position as Technical Marketing Manager at AMD? Because Intel is a better place to work, apparently, as a new update from Hallock’s Linkedin account can confirm that the veteran is now with blue team as its newest Senior Director of Technical Marketing. “I’ll be focusing on AI for consumer processors,” Hallock, whose previous experience includes being a team leader for Best Buy’s Geek Squad, explained.

After a restful sabbatical, I’m excited to announce my next adventure! Today I joined Intel Corporation as Senior Director of Technical Marketing, where I’ll be focusing on AI for consumer processors.

I’ve always been happiest working on the next big thing in Client, and spending some time on AI is surely that. The PC is never boring, of course, but AI sure seems like an unusually unique moment. It’s not often an all-new category of accelerator shows up, after all.

We are—all of us—on the cusp of transformative performance improvements for speech, text, music, images, video, and more. There’s a fantastic team at Intel working to make those everyday experiences better, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

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