Street Fighter 6 Launches Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes for $15 Each

Image: Capcom

What’s the opposite word for cowabunga? That’s a question that Street Fighter 6 players are asking, as Capcom has launched a new collaboration that adds TMNT skins, emotes, and more to its next-gen fighting game, but at an apparently premium price. According to complaints that be found over social media, a single costume costs roughly $15 (750 Fighter Coins), meaning that those who still haven’t decided on a favorite turtle yet may be paying $60 for the entire team. Some Capcom critics have protested the publisher’s “greediness” by creating their own TMNT costumes, which, while not looking as great, is a lot easier on the wallet.

Cowabunga! Scarf down that slice of pizza and get ready for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Street Fighter 6 collaboration that’s happening now!

Get radical with TMNT gear and emotes, new Titles, TMNT stamps, in-game device wallpapers, camera frames in Photo Mode, and turn your World Tour and Battle Hub custom avatar into your favorite Turtle.

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