World’s Most Advanced PlayStation 5 Cooler Ships Later This Year

Is the cooling in the PS5 adequate? Maybe not, as a team has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for the SCRY Arctic, a new add-on for Sony’s console that’s being advertised as the world’s most advanced PlayStation 5 cooler, able to reduce temps by up to 30%. The third-party device, which is scheduled to begin shipping this October, features six high-speed “Hyperfluid” fans, a high-airflow design, low noise levels (under 40 dBa), a lightning-speed port, and LED lights for aesthetic appeal. Pricing for the packages range from $38 to $156.

During the test, we compared the temperature with and without the Artic PS5 cooler. The data was then analyzed by our engineers to ensure it met our goals in terms of temperature decrease and noise level.

For the thermal testing, we set up three units of Fluke thermal imaging devices for better accuracy. The test was conducted in an enclosed environment with stable room temperature for an extended period of time. This also involved running the console at maximum load, playing high graphic intensive games like Spider-Man Miles Morales to simulate real-world situations.

Image: SCRY Arctic

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