Intel Quietly Boosts Clock Speed of Arc A380 Graphics

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Image: Intel

A NeoWin forum member has discovered that Intel’s latest driver package includes new firmware that increases the clock speed of Arc A380 graphics from 2,000 MHz to 2,150 MHz. The performance increase can be observed in GPU-Z screenshots that the user shared.

The official, non-beta current driver gave a slight upgrade to my Intel Arc 380 card

It also now properly informs you during the installation of upgrading the firmware of the card, and when it completes the firmware upgrade so you don’t accidentally reboot during this process.


  • Bios 20.0.1053
  • Pixel Fillrate 64.0 GPixel/s
  • Texture Fillrate 128.0 GTexel/s
  • GPU Clock 2000 MHz
  • Default Clock 2000 MHz
Image: Eternal Tempest


  • Bios 20.0.105364
  • Pixel Fillrate 68.8 GPixel/s
  • Texture Fillrate 137.6 GTexel/s
  • GPU Clock 2150 MHz
  • Default Clock 2150 MHz
Image: Eternal Tempest

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