New Tools Allow Flashing Any BIOS to NVIDIA GPUs

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TechPowerUp users have shared two new tools (OMGVflash and NVflashk) that are said to allow owners of almost any NVIDIA GeForce graphics card to flash almost any sort of video BIOS onto their GPUs. These tools are independently developed of each other and have been checked for viruses or trojans, according to the publication.

For cards up to RTX 20-series “Turing,” in addition to clock speeds, BIOS modding lets you raise power limits, which have a more profound impact on performance, as they increase boost frequency residency. BIOS modding also gives you control over the graphics card’s voltages, cooling performance, and fan-curve, so you can make your card quieter, as long as your cooler can keep the GPU away from thermal limits (which you can adjust, too). With cross-flashing (without modifying the BIOS or disturbing its signature), you are now able to restore a voltage of 1.1 V on your RTX 4090 GPU, if you’ve got one of the newer models, which ticks at 1.07 V only. You could also flash your FE with a custom-design vBIOS with high power limit, to go beyond NVIDIA’s power limits.

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