ASUS Details ROG Maximus Z790 Dark Hero, ROG Maximus Z790 Hero EVA-02 Edition, and Other New Z790 Motherboards for Next-Gen Intel Core Processors

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Image: ASUS

ASUS has shared the first official details and specifications surrounding three of its upcoming motherboards for next-gen Intel Core processors: the ROG Maximus Z790 Dark Hero, the ROG Strix Z790-A Gaming WiFi II, and the TUF Gaming Z790-Pro WiFi. A special version of the ROG Maximus Z790 Hero that’s inspired by Asuka Langley and her EVA-02 mech from the Neon Genesis Evangelion will also be available. Some of the key features covered include WiFi 7, onboard PCIe 5.0 M.2 slots, and AI Overclocking for one-click performance enhancement.

To take full advantage of the latest wireless standard, you’ll need both a WiFi 7 router and some WiFi 7 devices. Our latest ROG Maximus and ROG Strix Z790 motherboards will be among our very first WiFi 7 motherboards. Look to the ROG Maximus Z790 Dark Hero for the very best wireless networking experience. Offering link speeds up to 5.8Gbps, this motherboard is perfect for users with a multigigabit internet connection, or those who want a high-speed wireless connection to a network-attached storage (NAS) unit.

To make it even easier for you to take advantage of these cutting-edge drives, we’re offering onboard PCIe 5.0 M.2 slots on more Z790 boards than ever before. The ROG Maximus Z790 Dark Hero awaits if you’re in need of one of these high-performance M.2 slots.

…AI Overclocking. Powered by exhaustive research and characterization of the performance potential of thousands of actual CPUs in our testing labs, this tool leads the industry for overclocking performance and ease of use. It boosts CPU clocks with just one click. AI Overclocking’s sophisticated intelligence also monitors the efficiency of your CPU cooler and changes in the operating environment of your system to tune its parameters over time for the best performance with your system’s unique set of components. You’ll have access to AI Overclocking on all our ROG Z790 motherboards.

Image: ASUS
Image: ASUS

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