GIGABYTE Trots Out Tiny RTX 4060 GPU That Is Comparable To A Banana

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GeForce RTX 4060 that is compared to the size of a banana.

We’re out spending some time with GIGABYTE at its Fast Track Gen X: Speed Simplified event in San Diego and one of the interesting things that they brought along with them was a half height GeForce RTX 4060 GPU. It is officially known as the GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 4060 OC Low Profile 8G which tell us a lot of what we need to know about it. It’s small, it’s a RTX 4060 and it sports 8 gigabytes of VRAM (it can also handle four displays).

It is GIGABYTE’s first half height card since the RTX 2070 and they saw an opening in the market to produce this to target small systems (Ed: Like a shoebox?), HTPCs and other similar applications. From a pricing perspective, they’re expecting it to be slightly over the base RTX 4060 MSRP pricing and land around $330 in the wild once it arrives on store shelves.

Other than being comparable to a banana in size, the card sports a single 8-pin power plug that points off the back of the card (NOT a HVPWR) and has a heatsink fin density that is comparable to the GIGABYTE RTX 4090 series card so it can pack a cool punch.

The other fun thing to see is that the NVME heatsink on the Z790 Master X is almost as tall as the card – in fact, it’s probably the same height of one we’ll talk about in another post about today.

In the meantime, we’ve asked GIGABYTE nicely to send us one of these for testing to see how its performance stands up to a full sized card.

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