AMD Says It’s Done with the Radeon RX 7000 Series: “RDNA 3 Portfolio Is Now Complete”

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When is the AMD Radeon RX 7500 coming out? Never, it seems, as Scott Herkelman, senior vice president and general manager, Graphics Business Unit at AMD, told IGN during last week’s AMD Gaming Festival at Gamescom 2023 that the “RDNA 3 portfolio is now complete” with the launch of the Radeon RX 7800 XT and Radeon RX 7700 XT on Friday, August 25. Herkelman clarified that there be “some different versions” that AMD plans to introduce in the future, but there won’t be new ASICs.

IGN: “You’ve launched the 7700 XT and 7800 XT. Is that going to complete the RDNA 3 portfolio, or is there maybe more on the horizon?”

Herkelman: “Well, the RDNA3 portfolio is now complete. So, of all products that we have planned to launch, that is, this is the last few products that we will launch. We may have some different versions, but they’re not a new ASIC.” […]

“…it’s been a journey…it’s been about a year since we launched the very first RDNA 3, and now we’re a year later, finishing up the series. We should be done, we’re done, and we are excited. And now I think we have a broad spectrum covered for people who want RDNA 3 up and down the price tag.”

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