MSI Announces AGILITY GD72 and GD22 Gaming Mouse Pads with Unique Gleam Surface

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Image: MSI

MSI has announced that the AGILITY GD72 and GD22 will soon be available for purchase worldwide. Measuring 900 x 400 x 3 mm and A320 x 220 x 3mm, respectively, these are new gaming mouse pads from MSI that feature GLEAM CLOTH, a non-stick material that is said to offer “captivating visual reflections while maintaining a smooth and precise surface for exceptional mouse movement.” GLEAM CLOTH is also more durable than the fabric surfaces that can be found on the usual mouse pad, according to MSI.

MSI AGILITY GD72/GD22 Gaming Mouse Pad Features

  • Stunning reflective visual effects
  • Zero gaps, 100% smooth without resistance
  • 150% more durable than conventional fabric mouse pads
  • 100% splash proof
  • Fast-cooling surface for comfort

Designed to cater to the discerning needs of professional gamers and enthusiasts, the MSI GLEAM CLOTH surface is made of eco-friendly TPU material injected with glass beads to achieve a combination of performance and eye-catching aesthetics. It features a 100% smooth and non-stick surface which encourages stutter proof gaming, splash proof surface, and unmatched durability.

The AGILITY GD72/GD22 gaming mouse pads have a specially engineered fast-cooling surface. Crafted for peak performance, the fast-cooling surface ensures cooling comfort during extended play. The mouse pads incorporate seamlessly stitched anti-fray edges to extend the durability and prevent any curling along the edges. Additionally, an anti-skip and shock-absorbing rubber base that keeps the mouse pad securely in place.

Image: MSI
Image: MSI

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