Starfield DLSS Modder Promises AMD FSR 3 Support as More Upscaling Comparisons Hit the Web

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Image: Bethesda Game Studios

PureDark has revealed that he will be releasing a FidelityFX Super Resolution 3.0 (FSR 3.0) upscaling mod for Starfield as soon as AMD decides to release the SDK for the latest iteration of its upscaling technology. “For those who don’t have a 40 series card, if AMD ever releases the FSR3.0 SDK, I’ll implement it into Starfield as well,” reads a pinned message on a new Starfield DLSS3 Frame Generation Demo video from PureDark, which shows off how the RPG benefits from NVIDIA’s AI-powered technology. According to a blog post from AMD, FSR 3.0 is a significant update that offers up to 2x the performance thanks to new additions that include its own version of frame generation.

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