Nissin Announces Cup Noodle Instant Ramen for Gamers

Image: Nissin

Nissin has announced that the Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle Energy Garlic & Black Pepper Yakisoba and Nissin Gaming Curry Mesh Energy Ginger Keema Curry flavors will be available in Japan beginning Monday, September 18, 2023. Aimed to satiate the appetite of gamers who are too lazy to cook, Nissin explained in its press release that it is targeting this segment due to its rapid growth, the PC segment of which has nearly doubled in four years, according to recent reports. Nissin’s packaging was inspired by the RGB lighting effects that can be found on countless gaming peripherals.

The number of game players in Japan is increasing year by year, mainly among young people, and it is said that the number has exceeded 50 million. Therefore, this time, we will release new products for the first time in the history of Nissin Foods from our representative brands “Cup Noodle” and “Nissin Curry Meshi”.

“Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle Energy Garlic & Black Pepper Yakisoba” features a addictive taste with garlic and black pepper added to a peppery soy sauce-based sauce. “Nissin Gaming Curry Mesh Energy Ginger Keema Curry” features a fragrant and spicy roux flavor with a strong ginger base based on the umami of pork and vegetables such as onions and tomatoes. Both products contain caffeine, arginine (a type of amino acid), and niacin (a type of vitamin). “Yakisoba” and “curry” without soup, so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands or peripherals dirty, making them perfect for a meal between playing games.

Image: Nissin

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