Gamestop CEO Thinks Disk Drives Should Be Required on Game Consoles

Image: Xbox

Ryan Cohen has shared his belief that disk drives should be required on gaming consoles because consumers have already spent a lot of their money on physical video games. Cohen, who was elected Executive Chairman of Gamestop in June 2023, tweeted the idea this week in response to a recent article (alternate link) from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, which discusses how Apple is planning to make it seem like switching iPhone to USB-C was its idea all along and had nothing to do with the European Union’s recent decisions. The PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S start at $399.99 and $299.99, respectively.

Why will Apple be so upbeat about a change it didn’t ask for? That’s because the company has an iron-clad rule: When it’s introducing a new product or dealing with the media, it always wants to operate from a position of strength. Apple’s keynote presentation won’t mention the European Union or make reference to the many times over the past few years that it criticized the government’s decision to require USB-C.

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