Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update and Phantom Liberty Expansion Will Push 8-Core CPU Usage to 90%: “We Use All You Have”


Cyberpunk 2077 players may want to double check that their system’s cooling is adequate before downloading CD PROJEKT RED’s upcoming 2.0 update for the game, which is set to introduce vehicle combat, car chases, and other new features. Filip Pierściński, lead scene programmer at CDPR and Scooter fan, X’d today about how CPU usage for Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 and Phantom Liberty is “expected” to reach numbers as high as 90% on some chips, including 8-core processors, as the developer has optimized the game to take full advantage of such hardware. Mods will no longer be required to squeeze the most out of CPUs for Cyberpunk 2077, Pierściński advised in another tweet.

Before release CP2077 2.0 and PL please check conditions of your cooling systems in PC. We use all what you have, so workload on CPU 90% on 8 core is expected. To save your time please run Cinebench or similar and check stability of your systems.

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